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We believe that architecture and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

Architecture has a responsibility to be sensitive to the environment, therefore innovative solutions that push the boundaries in creating environmentally responsible architecture is one of our key goals.

Our Mission

We strive to create healthy, sustainable and beautiful environments through innovation, creativity and facilitating a paradigm shift in our society.

A paradigm shift within society will lessen the impact on our environment and make the earth a safe place for future generations.

Our Practice

Architecture that demonstrates responsible practices towards the environment is one of the key elements that will inform society and engage us all in the environmental sustainability agenda.

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Company Description

Committed to filling the gap between architecture & green building

Seru Architects is an architecture, green building consulting and property development firm. Our areas of expertise are residential apartment buildings, office buildings and educational buildings. As experts in green building, we are committed to filling the gap between architecture and green buildings by embedding the principles of green buildings into all our designs and making good design decisions from the on-set to avoid costly compensation at a later stage during the documentation phase, construction phase or worse Рafter occupation.


Lomile Mokoka (Director)

Lomile Mokoka is the director and founder of Seru Architects. With a Masters in Business Administration from GIBS, a Master of Architecture and a certificate in Property Investment and Practice both attained at the University of the Witwatersrand, she has extensive experience in the construction industry as a professional architect and sustainability consultant.

Her passion for environmental sustainability has made her determined to produce sustainable architecture by providing innovative solutions and strategies to creating environmentally-friendly living and working environments.


A Green Star SA Accredited Professional by the Green Building Council of South Africa. Lomile has taken part in the Green Star certification of various buildings throughout South Africa.

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